Mojos was founded due to a simple consumer insight – when Gaurav Joshi , an office -goer would look for healthy and affordable options to eat during lunch time, he would find none. He had to end up packing food from home or paying for expensive and unhealthy meals. Mojos Kitchen Sdn Bhd ( 1328962-D ) was incorporated in May 2019 as a brick & mortar restaurant business intended to solve this problem of the office goer ; the problem of a lack of healthy yet affordable “home-style food”.

In 2020, once the pandemic hit , we decided to pivot the business towards a new online ordering model with a dual purpose objective. The first objective being to be able to provide nutritious, healthy and delicious meals at price points that everyone could afford. Second, was to provide a platform for small entrepreneurs to ply their wares. They could share our central kitchen, services staff, dining and sales infrastructure & primarily focus on cooking delightful food.